Installing Rockbox on the Sansa Fuze v1 Windows

Download the


   - Extract the at the root of your drive.

   - Create a folder on your desktop rbinstall.

   - Move mkamsboot.exe and bootloader-fuze.sansa then unzip the original firmware in that folder.

   - Open a command prompt (Start -> Run)


then type the following instructions in the window that opens:


cmd [ENTER]

cd Desktop \ rbinstall [ENTER]

mkamsboot fuzeA.bin bootloader-fuze.sansa fuze.bin [ENTER]


    - Copy the resulting file (fuze.bin) to the root of your drive and rename it fuzeA.bin


Disconnect your player and wait for your drive and restart the update. Once installed, your player will turn off automatically. You will just turn it on and you can use Rockbox!


Remember that it is possible to load the old firmware remaining press | <<at the same time you turn on your fuze.

Please note that the reader d.marre directly on the old firmware when you have made changes over from the computer.

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