Installing Rockbox on the Sansa Fuze v1 on Windows

Step 1

Begin by downloading the file below.

The zip file containing the file. Rockbox was placed directly to the root of your drive.


This file included Rockbox r26514 specific version for the Sansa Fuze V2



Step 2

To tell your player to start in place of the Rockbox firmware from SanDisk, we modified the original firmware for it to do. The amended version is the version 02.02.26 (02.03.31 version change causes bugs)


Fuzpa.bin   15MB  (Not to be confused with the original firmware file that is commonly found on the web, it has been modified by us)


This file is placed at the root of the drive.

Once you reboot your drive, it will be an update firmware, Rockbox and then launch automatically.

Note that if you desire to start your Fuze with the original software SandDisk, just keep pressing "<<" push and turn at the same time drive.

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