Hard cover transparent sold on e-bay and Amazon

This small pouch made of hard plastic and comes with a transparent carrier belt and a lanyard / pendant that can carry her around the neck Fuze. Once installed on the machine, it does not fear anything, it is protected from spills, scratches and shock. Clear plastic protects the screen from a safe and efficient manner.


The three taken, microphone, power button and home button on the control knob is fully exposed and accessible at all times. The hull fits perfectly on the device. This is very surprising given the price efficiency of the latter. However, pay attention to the cleanliness of the camera screen and has the hull itself, because if the facility is to ease a child, it is quite another for removal. The look of this camera is enhanced with a touch of luxury provided by the quality of plastic used.


The wrist / pendant is supplied with the shell also has the advantage of quality and power off the device at the touch of fingers on the clip.

 As against the system for attaching to the belt is made of a white plastic semi-rigid quality is doubtful.


! Warning ! : This protective shell is also available in different colors and translucent which changes the colors displayed on display on the screen. Always prefer the transparent shell type clear and not translucent.


Retail Price: Canadian $4 - $5 (note some vendors sell it for $ 10 +!)

Also available in many kit on E-bay and Amazon


Test results:


  - Poor quality belt clip

  + Excellent integration on the fuze

  + High protecting apparatus (including the screen)

  + High quality plastic hull

  + Price


Rating 4 / 5

 An essential accessory to protect your Fuze without breaking the bank.

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