Soft cover flexible rubber sold on E-bay and Amazon

These covers are made of a flexible non-slip rubber material. Available in 6 colors: blue, green, pink, gray, white and black. Only the black is opaque, if the colors are pastel translucent type. The final color of your device it is therefore modified, taking into account the color of your Fuze. Unless you have a fuze of a neutral color (black or gray) colors obtained are not very aesthetic as well as being bland. In my opinion, only the opaque black color cover is really worth the visual point of view (note that a white hull and opaque has appeared but has not been tested).

Besides aesthetics, the hull effectively marries the device. All plugs and function buttons are accessible, except the on / off control to be a little bit of a problem of access. But this is minor.

The problem with this type of protection is that the screen is not protected and when we know that this is the weakest part of the camera ...

Each case comes with an armband and a belt clip attachment.

The cuff is made of a strip of elastic fabric provided with a loop at the end and Velcro for fixing the arm. The elastic band that fixed to the hull, passing through slits. The elastic armband is an effective tool for athletes and hikers.

As for the belt clip is included with it is made of a plastic lower end of poor quality. Can be used occasionally, but do not buy this kit for this function, you'd be disappointed.


Retail Price: Canadian $3 - $5 unity

Be careful, some seller sell a + $ 10 per unit!

Packs of 6 colors are available between 8 and $ 12 on e-bay


Test results:


  -Poor quality belt clip

  -Colors fade hulls and dull

  -Screen unprotected

  -Property slip


  + Excellent integration on the fuze

  + Armband effective and practical

  + Price


Rating 3 / 5

Virtually useless in its protective function since the screen is not protected.

Excellent Service cuff. Very aesthetic version of black opaque