Manual Installation

The installation files of the firmware called the Fuze:
Fuzea.bin for sansa fuze version 1
Fuzpa.bin for sansa fuze version 2

To install the firmware, it sufficed to directly place the file in the root of the Fuze.
When seeing unplugging the computer, it will install the firmware.

Download Available:


Fuze version 1             Fuze version 2




Fuze01.01.22                   Fuze02.01.17

Fuze01.02.26                   Fuze02.02.26              . Add folder navigation

                                                                       . Support for OGG audio files and FLAC

                                                                       . Compatible with cards slotRadio


Fuze01.02.31                  Fuze02.03.31

                                                                       . Volume down (Euro Version)

                                                                       . Wav and Flac Improved Performance

                                                                       . Bug disport in map reading corrected

                                                                       . Notebook News and enhanced podcast

                                                                       . 2 bugs fixed blocking