Paramettrer l'USB en mode MSC ou MTP ?

The Sansa Fuze has both USB transfer modes: MSC and MTP.

By default (factory settings), it must be set in mode "automatic detection":

if the ability to transfer MTP is available in the operating system, then the player will connect in this mode. Otherwise, it connects in MSC.


To make a choice, you should know that the two modes are mutually exclusive: they can transfer their files in both transfer modes, but we can not change in a type of connection files that were transferred in other mode. It even happens sometimes that the transferred files in one mode is completely invisible when you try to access them in another fashion. Worse, if you're juggling one mode to another, you may end up with duplicate files. You must make a choice, and it `s the beginning of your purchase.


- In MTP, your library will automatically be reclassified (in the player only) depending on the content tags of your songs. If you use software like MediaMonkey to tag or else you will not necessarily the same ranking between the fuze and the computer.


- MSC is perfect if you sort your library and keep in order. MSC mode is the method recognized by any OS, so that we recommend. In addition it is very strongly recommended during the day has made firmware.


We recommend that you take the USB mode to "automatic" to "MSC".

 (Repeat after each manipulation has updated the Frimware)