To gain access to your videos, you must have them transferred to your Fuze has the help of software Sansa Media Converter.

Once the program started, just click on Add to select the file transfer, then click Convert.

The program will load the best compress the video and put it in your video folder on your Fuze.

You will have access by selecting the Video category in the main menu of your Fuze.

For information, software encrypts your videos in MPEG4 format at 20 fps and format 200 * 176 (optimal size for the Fuze).

The advantage is that once your videos transferred, their weight is reduced concidérablement.

For example an episode of the series Heroes takes only 251Mo on the device.


In this section you can choose from the following options:


- Videos AZ -> to access your videos ranked alphabetically.

- Top Rated -> to access your videos ordered by rating.

- Video Bookmarks -> to access to your video favorites. (List)


While playing a video, you have access to the following options by clicking down:

- Back to video list

- Brightness video -> enter settings of brightness.

- Add to bookmark (List) -> add video to your personal list.

- Sort the videos -> Note the video LBP him out from January to May.

- Delete video