Physical Characteristics of the sansa fuze.

Smaller than a credit card and thinner than a pen, the dimensions of sansa fuze are impressive given the power of this machine:

 8 cm high and 5 cm wide and 0.75 cm thick. It features a bright 5cm diagonal (1.9). It weighs 60g with the battery makes him one of the lightest in its range.


The Fuze is diponnible in 5 colors. The colors are available according to its internal memory capacity:  

2GB: Black

4GB: Black, Blue, Pink and Red

8 GB: Grey

 (Color available to Canada. Shortly vary by country of distribution)


Equipped with a lithium baterie whose constructor advance a range of 24 H.

This is confirmed with the use of even speaking 26H according to usage and the backlight.

The translucent circle around the knob, glows blue when handled
The translucent circle around the knob, glows blue when handled

The dial is both rotating and serves diection pad. The center button serves as validation. The button on the top right of this knob is used to go directly to the main menu (home).

At plugs, the fuse has at its base (on the portion of the device) an owner has taken that has the USB cable to connect the two high speed (provided).

This plug also serves to connect the Fuze has an accessory (battery charger, dock ...)

To the right of this jack (still on the lower portion of the device) there is the stereo audio output jack on which is what connect the headphones.

We regret the somewhat near its twice because the owner has taken two notches security on which we must press simultaneously disconnects the switched to the power of the device.

The fact that the headphone jack is very close to it requires us to unplug the headset to disconnect the USB cord.

Our fingers do not simply pass between two doses.

On the left edge of the device, this is a slot designed to receive a Micro SD memory card / SDHC and this is one of the main atoux Fuze. It is already compatible with Micro SD cards and Micro SDHC of up to 32 GB (even it it is not yet available)


This brings the maximum capacity is 40GB. Not bad for 60g.

On the edge of the right is a button "On / Off".

If we drop this button down it also acts as a "hold" (lock) to lock the wheel so as not interfering with the listening device with an accidental operation.

The back of the aircraft and the main dial is covered with a rubbery plastic.

 This area prevented the aircraft from being too slippery, which has long bit him avoid some accidental falls.

 But the main advantage of this coating, it is also sweet and pleasant to the touch, he is not afraid of scratching.

 The top is his classic. Made from a beautiful plastic shiny and glazed, he likes fingerprints.

The interface is user friendly and intuitive while remaining light and airy.

We sail in the main menu with the help of the circular control and translucent.

When you spin it it glows blue and different icons scroll across the screen. To select an option, you simply need to "click" on the selection dial.

More original, it has a small button on the top right of the dial, which allows us to return to the main menu at any time. Extremely Useful.