Content Boxes of the sansa fuze+

The pouch



Unlike the previous version, a pouch comes with the Sansa Fuze +. Even if this package is nothing revolutionary, it has the merit of protecting the camera as much as you you provide a protective or other rubber skin. In particular with this pouch is very convenient for carrying your little fuze + in your pocket (with key and small monaie) or in your handbag (with your panoblie makeup ...)

She is making a relatively thick fabric and doux.Elle this farm with a cord fitted with a plastic clasp. It's not the big luxury, but it's better than nothing ...




Like the rest of the range equipment, the headphones with the foun sansa fuze + has a superior listening satifaisante. Always type "button" and covered the famous foam, supplied headphones have good bass response and a correct return in the treble. They are able to satisfy most users pending the headphones provide superior quality.

A USB cable is black type provided to connect the camera to a computer. Note that a standard cable Sagit mini-usb/usb.

Adding audio or video file, this is a simple copy / paste as a simple key U.S..

It is not beautiful life with Sandisk?