Physical Characteristics of the sansa fuze+

Slightly larger than the Sansa Fuze classical, sansa fuze + measures 9.5cm high and 5cm wide and 8mm thick. Its 2.4 inch screen type QVGA 320 x 240 begins to make it interesting to watch the short video, which is a significant gain compared to the previous version.

It has a slot to accommodate a microSDHC card and supports a multipdude of audio and video formats including AAC and H.264. Its battery can listen to 24 hours of audio on a single charge.


Available in 4GB ($ 79), 8GB ($ 89) and 16GB ($ 119), the sansa fuze + what comes in 5 colors: White, Purple, Red, Blue and Black.

In navigating using the touch control (bye bye my love of mechanical wheel), you have access to the audio feature, video, photo, radio, podcast, voice recorder, parameters SDHC card and other miscellaneous parameters.

At the interface is a real revolution in Sandisk. Finish the famous icons of the rotation type windows. Sandisk rather adopt a style to the Zune. We use a horizontal smear to switch between functions and we slide vertically to browse the options contained.